Lucas – Unity A Work In Progress – 9 March 2014

Lucas 2012 Infos From lots of perspectives seen unity is still a concept that is seen as an outside ourselves not to grasp thing.  Unity is a word often abused to grow into attachment to something again. The belonging to. The being part of.  Unity and uniting starts within in seeing all the attachments to the old structures, beliefs, patterns, dogmas, etc, and all are just a little whispers in the wind that will faith away if you can let go of it.

The uniting is found in the intricate knowing all is already united in its origin from ONE and within us. It is only perceived, manipulated and even re-created in structures thought of to be needed to be uniting or being one or in oneness. It is not. There is only the balance of your inner-self connected with source that will bring unity within and therefore also unity on that outer…

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