Spirit isn’t about effort, it is about the Knowing and BEing at one with the Wholeness of the Universe. This connection that we all have isn’t as elusive as some lead you to believe. Unlimit yourself in the knowing that all you have to do to access this golden place is to get quiet, focus on your breath and have the knowing you are always connected. Do not doubt the messages you get, be they heard, seen or felt. These are the perfect messages that you are to have in the perfect timing. That source is always available to us all. Even the ones that see lost can turn their lives around by their link to this source that is one with the All.
Be very careful of what you think of your family, self and neighbours because these are the things you will draw to your world. Your reality in life is created within you. It isn’t what someone or situation did to you, it is all from within. This is the great secret that Religion has hidden from man and made it seem as though there were only a certain few that could obtain this level of life. It is available to us all and as you shed light and love in your world, it will grow and manifest love and light for all that you touch. Release your expectations about how you wish for your good to appear and instead walk in the knowing that all things are our gifts from the Universe and bless them as they come.
If you know of a person that is sad, lost, lonely and so on. Just surround them with Love and Light. That is all you need but do for this person and by praying in this way, you will release worry and bonds from your own heart space and allow the miracle of healing to flow in a faster and greater way. We are all here to love, support and carry the light for one another. But if you see another straying, send them your prayers of truth in the light and then also have the knowing that from strife comes many miracles. Accepting the truth about yourself and walking the path of least resistance is the way to open the flow of good for all humanity.
Become aware of your Guides and Guardian Angels that are constantly with you and ask them to speak to you in bold and clear ways.
Remember, Spirit is simple and you will be guided.
Try to stay away from the mainstream media and if you hear of someone that is lost and straying from their path, just silently send them the light. We have so many stars and people of focus and talent that sometimes stray into darkness and then they are torn apart and belittled. This is not what we are to do when these things come to our attention. Instead just bring that person to your heart and send them love and light. This is the focus we should have when one of our own stays. We all do these things, but if we hold the light for one another, then we would live in our ascended states much faster. Maybe that person that has strayed is to really share another message of light with us all in the future and just needs our love right now in their time of trouble. So, do not throw rocks at those that falter, instead throw love and light. We are all ONE! We are walking into the time that separation is no longer what life is about. One doesn’t loose ones individuality in the Oneness, but we all compliment each other as parts of the whole. Dedicate your life to the Light and I dedicate my life to you. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Channeller of Ascended Masters, Psychic and Healer of Light. Image


4 thoughts on “One

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  3. Thank You David of the Dolphins for all your love and support! I believe you are a beautiful and loving soul that contributes so much to our beautiful planet. Many Blessings upon you!

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