Catch yourself when your thoughts are attaching you to limiting and unhealthy words and emotions. It is easy to screen what you think, say and do if you just call upon your Guides and Guardian Angels to help you to become aware of the ways that you unconsciously limit yourself in your world. Be careful of what words and thoughts you place after the words I AM. When you place words behind this, you are claiming that energy of those words for yourself. For instance, do not always say to yourself if you need to loose weight, I Am Fat. Therefore, you are creating a larger wall in your way of loosing that weight because you have claimed yourself as such. The easier way to see it is that I Am a beautiful and divine child of God that is in perfect weight and health and I walk in harmony with this temple that God gave me. In this way you are accepting your body temple as it is and blessing it to become greater. Do not see yourself as limited in your minds eye and also watch what you think of others. As you limit others, you also limit yourself. Remember that when you point a finger at another, three are always pointed back at you, therefore those faults you see in others are being called back to you.
So walk forth in the truth of self today and have the knowing that you are an Unlimited Child of the Universe and as you start to consciously use the words of I AM in your life, you will change your life and the ones of all those you touch. The Universe is full of Unlimited Abundance, it is how you direct your thoughts, words and actions that magnetize that abundance to you. Become a magnet for good and light. Be conscious of your I Am. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com Channeller of Ascended Masters, Psychic and Healer of Light Image


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