Unshakable Faith

Today I walk in the knowing that all in my world is good and great. I choose to always see my cup as overflowing and to name the good in all things. I have unshakable faith in the good that I am fully connected to at all times and in all situations from within. I am in harmony with the vibrational frequency of my world and place value on every living thing and even those the we do not believe are living. For all things are energy and all things have the great intelligence of the great I Am. I turn away from lack and limitation and focus instead on the abundance and beauty of our world. I know that as I learn to think, walk and live in this way, I will be helping all of those that touch my life in a great way. We are all blessed to be born in this phenomenal time line on this beautiful planet.
Do not struggle with all the negativity and try to make sense of it, just have the knowing that this unrest is coming about because it no longer serves mankind to have our beings in this way. Accept the truth about yourself and your loved ones and walk in the knowing that we are meant to shine out light into all situations in our own special patterns and frequencies. It is as we learn to honor our diversity and to bless our own gifts that the world will begin to manifest and shift into the promised land. We have so much help right now. There are the Archangels, the Guides that are with us at all times, the Elementals, the Galactics and the beings of inner earth. When you make a note to call upon them and ask them to communicate with you in a way you will understand, be aware that the request will be fulfilled and it is your duty to recognise it and bless it.
You see, we are all meant to communicate telepathically and manifest miracles on an everyday basis. You will know that you are with spirit because of the incredible love and light you will sense in every fiber of your being. All you need but do is to be willing to receive and have the knowing of the messages you asked for and the rest is done by spirit in a very conscious and loving way. It is by simple heart felt desire that messages can come to you. We all have different ways of receiving our messages, so learning to go within and to understand self is the greatest way to open the passages for messages to come through to you. We are never disconnected from our Source, it is the veil of the ego to drift us into thinking so. Learn to honor and love yourself and you will gain the blessed gifts that God intended for us all to use. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria www.letitia-of-lemuria.com Psychic, Channeller of Ascended Masters and Healer of Light
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