Mankinds evolution

We are in a monumental shift in the evolution of man kind. So many things in life around us seem to be failing, but in all actuality, there is a goodness to it all. The old is worn out and the world is going through a gigantic shift into the new and higher consciousness. It is no longer about one country being higher and its people better than the next. What effects one nation, effects us all. The river of life, of love, of limitless abundance and of every good and perfect gift you wish to enjoy and to obtain lies within you. If you can proclaim love and light for all mankind and for our precious world, you can bring tenfold of that back to you and yours.  Walk forth in your life, trusting that it is your Divine Right to walk in happiness, health, wholeness and contributing to life through your Talent and very own special gift in life. Have the knowing that everyone has their own special gifts and we are hear to compliment one another with these delights.
Be grateful for the people and Animals in your life that are all around you. Focus on the positive side of them that you see and you are saying a complete prayer for them in that moment. Know that your inner wisdom is but a moment of quieting your thoughts and listening within. It is your own special connection with the Universal source of all good. You will bless your life richly if you can learn to hear that special soft voice within. You will never doubt anything in your life if you can learn to trust that inner guidance. Make time everyday to Breathe in all possibility into your life and Breath out as an act of releasing limiting emotions of what you can be and what stands in the path of your achieving your dreams in life. Make the effort to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky everyday and ground these in the Christ light for the good of all. Begin to Breathe with Mother Earth and understand that there is no separation from her or Father sky. The spirit of breath is powerful.The focus of your light and prayers will contribute to us all. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Psychic, Channeller of Ascended Masters and Healer of Light Image


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