Path of Non Resistance

Become united with the Divine in you everyday. Ask Spirit to guide and direct you through the daily challenges that face you. Practice the art of Non Resistance. In the midst of fear, declare you faith in the great I Am. In the center of uncertainty, declare that you are secure and an open channel for positive answers and solutions to flow through. When lack comes to your attention, focus only on the abundance of prosperity and love. Deny the negatives in your life and affirm the positives. Even if your physical senses do not have the literal realization of the thing that you are declaring, it is your act of God, as you declare it with conviction that is manifested. This is what Jesus taught us. To Believe and then To Receive. Be an open receptor to your good and deny what you have perceived as negative. I know that you will see victory in your life for with God, all things are possible and guided divinely. Everything in life is of the Christ Consciousness, the crystals, the herbs, the breath we breathe the people we meet and the life we live. When you begin to see this in all things, that is when the miracles will truly begin to manifest for you and yours. So make the effort to deny the negative and affirm the positives and you will be surprised and delighted in the joy it will bring all in your life besides you. We are not separate from one another and once we realize that everyone isnt’ the enemy and we all function with the same needs and desires, the path of non resistance becomes a way of life for you.  In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Psychic, Channeller of Ascended Masters and Healer of Light Image


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