In-Spire Daily

Do you Recognize Spirit in your daily life? Do you In-Spire yourself daily to contribute to your world in the highest light you can? The people that make the most difference in life are the ones that talk the least and simply shine the most light into the world. Spirit should not be forced upon another. The best and brightest thing that you can do for your brothers and sisters here on Mother Earth is just keep your light bright and let that light shine out in peace upon those that wish to partake and share in it. Those that talk and force their opinions on others tend to repel and damage instead of heal and help. When you radiate peace of mind, love, forgiveness and light, people tend to be drawn to you and nothing needs to really be said in the beautiful exchange of light, it just is. This is the work of a true healer. When one is a healer, they are never giving something that the other doesn’t have, they are just reminding that soul of how to turn on the switch inside themselves to that avenue they forgot. Within each and everyone of us are the answers. They can be found outside us, but in all actuality, we are the walking library that we are always seeking to find. Unlimit yourself and you will be the best healer and light holder that you can possibly be. I unlimit you! Remember, Jesus said. “These works and Greater Shall Ye Do.” In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Psychic, Channeller of Ascended Masters and Healer of LightImage


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