The Great I Am of Love

We are now in a Celestial Speed-Up process and the usual slow, evolutionary process of spiritual development is by passed. Your belief in the Great I Am and that you are an open vessel for truth and light to flow through is all you need to do for this to happen. You are entitled to miracles and expect one to manifest for you and yours everyday from here forth. Walk forth affirming that you are the Light of the Christ within. As you walk with these affirmations and they become your mantra’s, you will become the love and light that you wish to manifest in your world and miracles will become a part of your everyday life. Do not concentrate or place value on the chaos that is focused upon by the media, for those things you place value on, will be drawn to you. Instead just acknowledge and shed light when you see or hear these things and then choose to refocus on the joy and realness of the miracles you choose to manifest for you and yours. When your focus becomes intent on seeing and feeling the miracles you wish to manifest around you, you begin to understand that this is but a natural process for us to do in our lives, to manifest these miracles on a day to day process. Love is always present and this should be the focus of all our days. A miracle is but a shift in thinking. Shift to focus on being an open vessel of light for love to flow through and your world will become a walking miracle. This I guarantee. And So It Is. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Psychic, Channeller of Ascended Masters and Healer of Light Image


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