Valentine’s Day: This Way Cupid

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what is valentines day

What is Valentines Day? When is Valentines Day? February the 14th is celebrated around the world as a day for lovers. A day when we buy our lover flowers and chocolate and celebrate our union – or a prospective one. It’s actually one of the nicest Christianized festivals to have been kept alive – all be it under a different name. Originally it was called Lupercalia day when Pagans gathered to honour Faunus, the fertility god and Juno the Roman Goddess of fertility as the last of the snow began to melt and the first hints of spring were felt in the air.

When the birds would emerge and sing in the beginnings of spring.  It was a day of mating because in nine months time a new king would be born at Yule when the Holly and the Oak kings would do battle once again for the love…

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