Become what you wish to manifest in the world

It is very important to become the things that you wish to manifest in your world. If you long for peace, meet Spirit half way and say that you are willing to know you must find this within yourself to manifest it. Ask for your answers and path to be made bold and clear to you in how to achieve your needs and desires. Spirit will always be as clear as it can to you. You must be willing to look for the messages and know that them when you receive them too. You must also bless them and be glad in the way it came to you and as you learn to do this, Spirit will be more than willing to open up more and more communication to you. We are all telepathic, my friends, it isn’t an real art for one, such as myself, over another. It is practice and the belief and knowing that Spirit really wants to use you as a vessel of light. When you are willing and open to be a receiver, you will be delighted at the world that opens to you. In Lemuria, it was natural for us to all communicate in this telepathic manner. Unlimit yourself in the knowing it is natural for you to work in this way. Fear it not and remember that as you open yourself up to the greater awareness, many blessings will come to you and yours. Begin to have the knowing that you already are what you need to be and it is just a veil in front of you that is standing in the way. That is all the mass mind consciousness is, a veil that has been placed before our truth and enforced upon us for so long that we believe it. But it really has no power over you, when you realize there is no truth in its cover up. There is only the truth of Love and Light in the world and when you acknowledge this, miracles will begin to happen. Go forth and prosper. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Psychic, Channeller of Ascended Masters and Healer of Light**************Written Reading Sale check it out via web site with testimonials or Email me at

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