Peace is yours

Peace is fully present right here and now. Allow the peace and harmony that is your natuImageral and divine gift, to flow through your every cell, organ and fiber of your being. Recognize peace in every breath you draw and resonate with the knowing that it is always yours, everywhere present, you just need to sometimes remove the fog that has blinded you. Support World Peace as you communicate calmly with others throughout my day. Make it your dedication to be in the moments of now and quit playing movies of the past though your memories. Anchor your days in World Peace, by knowing each person, leader, country, and continent are part of the divine source, God, the good, omnipotent. Bless all activities that support World Peace and the good of the Wholeness and Unity of us all. It is no longer about “Me.” We have tried that for too long and it is when we become one and honour one another’s lessons and truth, that we begin to spread the peace and love out into our world. Be not afraid of loosing your individuality as you learn not to focus on the “Me,” in essence you are only growing that part of yourself to be the unique self God created you to be. Become aware of the power of your thoughts, words and actions. Simplify your prayers and just think World Peace and walk in the knowing that it is more than enough, this contribution in prayer you have done. Believe and you shall receive. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Psychic, Channeller of Ascended Masters and Healer of Light


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