Mustard Seed

Prayer releases the highest form of energy in the universe, as it links you to Gods energy directly, which is your source. My prayer for you is that in this new year you have the soul realization that you can and will achieve your hearts dreams. Your prayer is mine. Begin to re-power your prayers with your believe that they will manifest, When you pray, you release Gods energy within you and around you and it gets busy fulfilling your needs. Contemplate this, walk it, talk it and be it and soon you will have the realization of the prayer itself. The power of prayer and the power of thought are linked. They are twin powers. So mind your thoughts and you mind your world. Remember that when you plant your prayer, you must believe it is already answered and then nurture and grow that manifestation with your belief. As you plant the Mustard seed, you must water and feed it to see it grow. Nurture yourself by nurturing your prayers and walking your truth. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Psychic, Channeller of Ascended Masters and Healer of LightImage


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