The Peace of the Universe

May the peace of the Universe be yours and the vibration of Mother Earth be filled with the joy and abundance of more than you ever knew because you are a vibrational being that is bringing good to the wholeness of you now, to the wholeness of the good of all Beings now. You are evolving with all that is, all that is one with source all the time. Acknowledge this direction in you life and applaud yourself for the steps you have taken. There is no less than, there is always opening up to the flow of energy that is your divine privilege. Begin to notice the wonderful vibration of your body and see this beautiful temple of light that Source gave onto you as the truly divine musical instrument of light and love it is and was always meant to be. You are a vibrational being of consciousness that is always connected with all that is. Unlimit yourself in the knowing that you are a special extension of the One Source Energy. The all knowing omnipotent source that is available to each and every Being of the Universe at all times. Begin to make the commitment to open up your heart and mind at all times to the all knowing good and then bless all others around you with the peace you find in your heart. The more you bless with an open heart, the more you receive. It is a Law of the Universe. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Psychic, Channeller of Ascended Masters and Healer of LightImage

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