Sophia Love – Information (From The Conversation With Ge) To Help Usher In The New World… – 13 January 2014

Oh So True! What My Mama taught me!

Lucas 2012 Infos

In the beginning there was a word…

Do not let down Your Hopes, those in desperate aid, must be given that aid. Mutual Aid and Mutual Trust and “Mutual Vibrations” are a way to Freedom, this is what everyone is looking for in this world. Now what are Vibrations You may wonder, this is the power of sounds.

Now I’m able to uncover the most important secret in Creation and humanity’s experiment, which is going to help You and every other Lightworker out there a lot! (if You will know how to use it of course:) This is not something completely unknown to You, but most of the time this is being ignored by almost all. The Vibrations have an origin of Super Force, this was the Force from the Beginning of this Universe’s existence. Eventually Vibrations went down to the sound. “In the Beginning there was a Word”, the…

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