Trying too hard

Our faith should be placed in God, the good omnipotent at all times. You should walk in the Knowing that your “Now” thought is your manifesting moment for your tomorrows. When one is anxious and worried he is unhappy, but when he places his trust in God he is lifted above worry and anxiety, he abides in peace. Make a point to note your thoughts, words and actions at all times because through these steps, you draw the Universal Love of the one true source to you at all times. The Christ light shines through us all in gentle radiance, and not only purifies his own life but radiates to all those whom he meets. The more you call upon this Light to shine through you and all those you love, the greater the good you will see in life. Image  Stop trying so hard to achieve your goals and begin to just walk in the knowing that why you are directly attached to source, you walk in the perfect flow of life and miracles will manifest. Jesus said. “When you pray, believe you have that prayer already!” And then consider this. “In the beginning, was the Word.” Simple but very effective in becoming attuned to the true and one source of all things in your life. Your true source of income and happiness isn’t your job or your relationships, it is the connection that you have to Source, T One, The All and The Good! Remember that when you “Try” too hard, you will get the Law of Reversed Effort. So, if you think you have to try really hard to connect with Source, what do you think you will receive? Yes, A bigger disconnect with that one and true place of all within. Go forth today with the knowing that Spirit is simple and things will start manifesting in simplicity for you. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Psychic, Channeller of Ascended Masters and Healer of Light


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