Dedicate your life

Consider this by Emma Curtis Hopkins: The world in which we live is the exact record of our thoughts. In other words. if you think fear for or of others, you are reflecting it from within yourself. When you are a parent, you have to learn to protect and fulfil the needs of your child and then you have to learn to let go of that child into the world in trust that you have set a foundation for them to lead and walk upon that is sound and true. If we do not like the world we live in, we teach this to our children. We must guide and give wisdom, like teaching them to not tap into the fear and loss consciousness, but we cannot control how they choose to direct this from within themselves for their continued lives. But you can teach in confidence by your example alone.  If you teach yourself to think good thoughts about all people, even those that we believe to have gone astray, they you add hope and light into the world in a way that you cannot even imagine. If you strive to follow the examples that you wish your children to live by in your everyday life, your actions will lead them even louder than your words. So make your words and your actions, the everyday world that you live in. Then stand back and give praise to the Universe for all the abundance of good you see in your world and send that joy out to others. Exaltation is a magnet for all good things of the Universe to hasten to you. Depression and anxiety are trouble to fly to you. Make a dedication to yourself to walk your path in deliberate joy and love and light and be praised in this. Praise Jesus and his Pure White Light surrounding you everyday, call upon it to manifest for you and to touch all in your life. Call upon all the Ascended Masters, Angels and other beings that God gave us, frequently to help our world grow into the oneness that is our divine right. Dedicate your life.  In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria psychic, channel and healer of light Image


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