Commune within first

Making a point to commune within and join your heart and mind every day will change your life in so many beautiful ways. When you make a dedication to go within and find the answers you seek, you help your brothers and sisters on the planet in ways you may never know. If you cannot do it for yourself, can you do it for another? This is the year of the Unicorn and there is so much unspoken about magic attached to it. Make a contract with yourself to work the magic for the world. See Rainbows of color surrounding you and your life. Begin everyday with these lights by welcoming them in and sealing them with the Pure White Light of Christ. Walk in the knowing that mystical beings still walk among us, though we may not see them with our own eyes. Do you truly need to see Jesus to believe in him? Then how can we really say that there are no Fairies, Unicorns and Elementals that surround us everyday. All they ask is that we acknowledge them and work with them. They too have a mission towards our ascension. Go within and trust yourself first, then the world around you will shine in miraculous ways, if you but believe. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria www.letitia-of-lemuria.comImage

Psychic and  Channel of Ascended Masters


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