Lisa Gawlas – Cellular Ascension – Harnessing our Full Power!

Beautifully written!

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Lisa Gawlas

As I am sitting here, wishing I was asleep or at least, had slept more than two hours last evening, I am fully realizing the importance of the equation I have been living this past week.  The power and absolute value of our (human) mind in relation to our full on cellular ascension.

So many of us have gotten to this incredible moment in our time knowing we had to get out of our minds in order to reach a level of vibration that would support and allow our ascension (raise in vibration.)  Getting out of our minds have allowed us to actually clear the old, dirty debris field that was our minds.  Negative thoughts and attitudes, our (old) desires to please others and so on.  Getting out of our old human mind, we had to employ our spiritual mind and allow that…

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