Following your inner guidance

Do not accept blindly what other well meaning people think of you or of your life. Always, Always go within and counsel with the Great I AM before swallowing another’s ideas on their views of you, or what you do. When someone brings an opinion to light about you or your life, ask yourself first if your ego is removed from processing the information given, then go within to your divine source, that part of you that is always connected to the Great I AM and examine all angles of the information shared with you. You will receive the truth for yourself if you approach all challenges and angles of life in this manner. If your source does not agree with that other opinion, then bless that person and send them love and light from your heart and then release them back to their own truth. Thank them for the great lesson that they taught you and walk in the truth you know to be your divine guidance. There are many different steps on the Ladder to heaven, my grandmother always shared with me. She was so wise and I have been able to apply that in my life in so many ways. We are all from different star systems in the Universe. There is no one set way, one set plan to achieve what your mission in life is. As long as you know that you are walking in the Pure White Light of the Christed Self and are approaching everything in your life with the highest of intentions, then you are on the right path and do not let others sway you from it. Always ask that any messages, activities, encounters and life experiences with their lessons be brought into the Purity of the White Light of Christ and to make your answers to your questions bold and clear to you and you will be led in a divine and loving way. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria

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