Book your phenomenal New Years Reading Now

Book your phenomenal New Years Reading Now! Many services offered with Letitia Phone Readings, Written Readings and my super class with the Masters on how to Manifest Prosperity in your life. I have included a beautiful testimonial below. I look forward to working with you, contact me to reserve your opening now. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Letitia. She is truly like finding a long lost friend and spirit on so many levels. Having Letitia as my guide to help me understand things in this lifetime as well as others, has completely changed my life. So many things just didn’t make sense and once I had a better grasp of the continuum of lives, it all made perfect sense. Understanding that basic premise has enabled me to understand that life is stunningly beautiful and everything is in perfect harmony, always.

Letitia has a simple, loving, healing spirit. With her by your side, anything is possible. During our sessions, I could always feel the love and divine light radiating out to me. It is the most comforting experience ever.

I have seen a dramatic change in ME. Which, in my humble opinion is where all change originates. In helping me to understand myself, the relationships around me has given me so much joy and peace. Above all, I now have compassion and love for myself and those walking this path with me. I feel I can embrace my life path more fully and more openly.

Letitia along with her guides, helped me to really look at myself and feel tremendous love and compassion and for that, I am forever grateful. I am grateful to have found Letitia and to have her help me through some rough spots during this year. I lost my job, my mother-in-law and my father in the space of a few months. Without her loving guidance, that period of time would have been nearly unbearable.

If you choose to work with Letitia, you will experience more love, more joy and more freedom. I highly recommend Letitia for those who are searching for a deeper understanding of this life dance on earth. Every second of connection with Letitia will be filled with divine love, understanding and guidance. Namaste, in love and light always. CorinneImage


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