Letitia’s Promise Class with Lord Ganesha, Lord Adama and St. Germain

****** Letitia’s Promise Class****** The Long awaited interactive class towards you Manifestation power in partnership with Letitia, Lord Ganesha, Lord Adama and St. Germain.

Here it is at last folks, that class you been wishing to do in regards to working through those closed doors in your mind to achieving that one hearts desire that you just know should be yours by divine right. Yes! By Divine Right. It is God’s good wishes for his children to succeed.

Are you looking for a class that will really help you to get to the bottom of that one thing that has always held you back from Manifesting Your Destiny? Are you tired of having readings and then wonder what you should do to help those outcomes seen manifest for you? Sometimes after a reading/channelled message from the Ascended Masters, you float on euphoria afterwards and then get a big let down when you just can’t quite understand how that pie in the sky predicted thing is going to manifest for you and yours.

These series of classes are designed just for you, as a unique individual, with Letitia of Lemuria working in tandem with Lord Ganesha, Lord Adama, and St. Germaine. They are given with you via the phone as Letitia Channelling information individually for you and your life from each of the three Masters above. You will get down to the nitty gritty on what has been holding you back from your success.

And Have No Doubt, you will be receiving homework and have to make some strides yourself towards Manifesting Your Destiny. You have your own unique Source and with the Masters help and guidance with each of these one on one classes, you will speak to the Masters, You will be given tools to apply to your own situations and individualities, and you will see results happen that step you forward into that Prosperous future that the Masters will help you see.

Prosperity and Abundance have many different meanings http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/Image


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