The Wisdom of Breath-Have you found it?

Dear Ones,
Walk with me. It is I, Adama, High Priest of Telos. I am so glad that you could come and be here with me today. We are in a meadow that has all of the kinds of soft grass and wild flowers of the most beautiful colours your imagination can picture. Can you feel the sun on your face? Feel that soft breeze rolling in. Oh how we love to curl our toes into the beautiful grass and thank it for the way it blesses our feet and our daily lives. Look around you as we walk. We are in one of my favourite meadows, on the Animal level of Telos and it is such a beautiful time to walk and be with you all here today. I invited you here today to discuss a few important tips to add to your spiritual growth.

Do you feel as though the world is spinning faster and faster right now and you just can’t keep up with it all? This is an indication to slow down. Do you realize that 80% of your women on the surface of Mother Earth, do not know how to truly breathe correctly any more? I am speaking about the natural breath of life directly as your body was created to do, from the diaphragm. This is because of the hurried and fast paces that you all live on the surface of Gaia. The Breath of Life is one of the most important tools to learning how to tune into the rhythm of live, the beat of the Universe and to travelling within to your own inner source.

Do you see how many walls and changes that are being implemented to bring about  better and more enlightened ways to lead ones life? This channel has mentioned oh so many times that she is so glad that wall came for her 4 years ago. As are we! Talk about one doing a 360, and because she went through these changes willingly, so many wonders of life and gifts she always wanted to develop are at her fingertips. She will tell you that it takes hard work, determination and the deepest of faiths to crawl out of your old shells and ways of life, but the time has come, my dear ones, for you all to meta morph into your most true and divine beings. And so I will remind you that one of the most important steps to your growth is learning to focus on your breath.
Learn to walk in your everyday lives and notice the Lady Bug on the Flower you pass, Bless it and thank it for the job that it is doing that God created it to do. Stand for a moment with your back against a tree and breathe in the breath of life, breathe in the vibration of the tree and see your feet growing roots that revile in grounding deep with Mother Earth. Can you fell the heart beat of Mother Earth herself? We of Inner Earth Spaces have learned to match the frequency of heart beats within her and it is oh so sad for us to see how so many of you never get the chance to focus and be one with Gaia. She has so much to tell you, when you join with her at the heart space that is always there for you, she will show you the Joy of Life in Perfect Expression of Wholeness and the Oneness of the Universe. She is so happy to have climbed so high once again and is able to leave the fetters of these past 13 millennia in the dust, so to say. She dearly wishes to take all her children with her on this grand journey of Ascension. But you must do the work. Nobody but you can hear the song of your soul and focus on the true desires of your heart.
Take moments in your busy days to dedicate even 2 minutes to honouring your source. Watch your breath and focus on grounding yourself. I can promise you that even dedicating these few golden moments to centering you throughout the day, will begin to bring the richness of life itself into your focus. We in Telos, wish you all to know that we invite you to this meadow in your minutes of centering with your source. We are here to help you and we have had this meadow for our uses for so long that the melody and harmony here is a golden blanket to throw over you and help you through your challenges on the surface. Here in this meadow, you will find many delights of nature and the animals will visit you, if you ask them to. They delight in interaction and play. Let their joy fill your souls here too. We are here, as are the many other BEings in Mother Earth and out in the Universe. Know that you have the bounties and promise of the Creator at your hands now and you need but to reach out and BElieve.
You may stay here a bit longer or return to your everyday lives. But our invitation to share is here for you. Please learn to ask from the Heavenly Host that is at your fingertips in these most historical times. More help is available to mankind, than ever before in Mother Earth’s history.

In the deepest of Love and Respect, Adama, High Priest of TelosImage

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Letitia of Lemuria is a Psychic, a Channel of Ascended BEings and a Lightworker. She is also a Fellow Human Being on the surface of the Earth walking with you.



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