Auspicious Times



Everyday now you are going to hear more and more word of people seeing and having incredible manifestations of prosperity, hope, miracles and joy. We, within Mother Earth and the Galactic in the skies above you, are going to be making our presence known in many exciting and new ways. Let these frequencies of delight from others help to lift your own. Focus your whole being on living consciously and walking in your power. This kind of power isn’t the kind that over throws another’s soul and points of view. This kind of power is from walking in the truth of you, as a whole person with all your DNA attached and in a row. 

Honour the different beliefs of your neighbours, family and friends and do not harshly judge them because they are different and don’t see things from your stand point. The time has come for mankind to find out about Unity. Unity is the incorporation of all ways of thought, beliefs, words and beings. Unity encompasses the wholeness of all and honours the differences. So, when negative things happen in your world, and some days they seem to be more prevalent than others, just notice them and let them go to their highest good, even if it doesn’t seem to be on your ladder to the path that you wish to be going. We want you to learn to focus on the path that you are on and walk in the light of that path. In so doing, you will attract to you, the people, situations and circumstances to help uplift you even higher. Keep this heightened outlook on life for all of humanity. You see, with the old pattern of thinking and living on Earth’s Surface, most people were taught early on in their lives, to watch what others did and then speak harshly about it to elevate one own self to seem better than others. This way of thinking is very out of date and destructive. Not only to the person you are slandering, but mostly to yourself. The old ways of thinking were to belittle another for their differences in opinions, beliefs, ways of communicating and so many various others. Be sure, beloveds, this is out dated and you must know by now that you are all connected. A part of the whole, as we are a part of you. Every little Atom in this Universe is intelligent and wise in it’s own wonderful way. When you link that Atom to another, they bond and unit in their like ways, then they start to vibrate with the same frequencies. This doesn’t mean that they over came one another.!more-from-adama-high-priest-of-telos/c18klImage


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