Upholding the Faith

Do you begin each day by saying to yourself: I take only the good from each experience, past and present and I let the rest go? Then begin to think of your life as you want it to be? Change your point of view about your life and your points of view of those around you. Do you have a Spiritual Friend that you really trust to hold the highest good for you at all times? They do not even have to know the desires you have put forth in the Universe, it is the thoughts of your highest good that go forth into the Universe and bring back to you that good. You will soon raise your vibration to the level that they see you at.  Do you always see the highest in your neighbours, family and friends? Did you know that when you hold the highest awareness for another, you are also wishing the best for yourself? Always ask for spirits help in the new view of life that you see for yourself.
Do not be put off your dreams by appearances that do not seem to be unfolding. This is just Gods way of working out the details. Know that road blocks are only a way that Spirit is having you step back and take a look at things from a better and higher angle. We are all entitled to the opportunities, privileges and blessings of the Universe. We are all energy and energy begins in Light. Have you ever worked with various colours of light when you meditate? It can be so beneficial to your day to just step back and prepare yourself for the Abundance of the Universe to flow into your life. Always hold these thoughts for everyone around you. And a very important tip I can tell you is that when you hold the highest good for your brothers and sisters, then you will soon see that highest good unfolding for you.
Prepare to become ready to accept your good. Dream big and when road blocks come up and have seemingly no door to go through, let go. Some days you may need to just reach out to that very important person that holds the highest thoughts for you and dump. This is a very big lesson that I, Letitia, am relearning. Do run about like the sky is falling when times get hard. Speak to that friend that holds the highest thoughts for you and then go within and hear what that Source of you has to say. Many answers may come, or just one. Be prepared to act upon it, as you receive it. The doors of that wall will open and you will walk into a new pattern of faith in the Universe. Always remember that there has to be balance. A time to pray, a time to wait and visualize and a time for action and the miracle to manifest. This all revolves around faith and knowing thy Source. Are you walking through a pattern like this in your life?
I have the guidance of my Guides and Guardian Angles, plus the Ascended Masters, but I can really tell you that I have times like the above and the precious gifts that God gives us to fall back upon in those times of need, are so beautiful. And I raise my hands and praise that I can walk through that door and have others that hold me up high. It is my greatest desire for you and yours too. Be all that you can be. Walk in the highest of good and trust. I know that soon, all the promises of the Universe and the messages that we, as channels of light, have been receiving and reporting daily, are going to manifest and it will be Glorious to behold. Keep the faith, but also know there are those to lean on in your needed times. For me, you know who you are and no words can match my love for you.
In Love and Light,
Letitia of Lemuria
To Book a Session with Letitia, Email her directly at http://www.ShaHaley11@yahoo.com



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