Message of Hope from Adama, High Priest of Telos

Dearest Ones,

You are at a time that so many things are happening and you have so much support from within Gaia and out in the Galactic surrounding your Pearl of a planet. For so long you have believed that you were alone, but with more and more people awakening at this time, now you are having a flood of information channelled for you to read on the internet. It has even gone to the point of you wondering if any of it is true; Yes? This is also another time for you to hone your discernment skills that you have worked on for so long.

Let me tell you this. Where one message may sing to your neighbour and uplift them, another may sing to you. At this time, Letitia skims over the messages and trusts her instincts on which ones to read. As she is so sensitive to energies, some days she may not read anything and just rely on us to communicate to her and let her regular guides lead her in trust. It all comes back to you counselling within the heart of you. That is what your life is all about. Trusting your Source. Your Source is connected to the most High. Would the most High lead you wrong?

Using your inner soft voice isn’t about caving into that larger voice of ego. It is about trusting yourself. The Ego plays it’s part and is an incorporation of the whole, but that still soft voice within will never lead you wrong.

We, of Telos, had to learn this the hard way. We agreed to develop and grow without any others helping us when we created Telos, within Mt. Shasta. We had our guides that reached out though, but they came when we were ready. Mikos of Agartha and Zohar of Shamballa have been there to guide and help us to stretch our horizon’s within, from very early on. They have become a part of our lives and now our friendships have forged new adventures and we are now stepping up to let you on the surface know, deep in your hearts, that we are here. This isn’t a gig or a fairy tale.!apps-page/c20kw


Channelled by Letitia of Lemuria

Channel of Ascended Beings, Psychic Healer, Healer of Light and Energy and Fellow Human on Earth’Images Surface

Contact for REadings


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