The Balance of the Universe

It is true that you cannot get something for nothing. You must give to make way to receive. The law also works the other way: You cannot give anything without getting something for it. Give the best you have and then look for a the best in return. This is the law of receiving. Remember that there is always a perfect balance in life. As Above, So Below. Black and White and so on. Balance is key to life. One thing to make note of: You may ask for a million dollars, but you do not give of that to ask. WHAT THE LESSON IS…Is to give something of full heart and release it to the Universe. She places no value on amounts, it is the human mind that does.

What do you place value on? What do you desire most for the world? What do you desire most for your family? Where are you looking to lead your children to in the future of the world? Are you getting caught up in the drama of life in the News on TV?

SUBTRACT yourself from the obsessive watching of the NEWS. It can poison one’s mind so much into fear thoughts. I say this with heart because I have a dearly beloved family member that is stuck on the every word that comes out of the press’s mouth. Yes, she uses her discernment, but I believe that she doesn’t know how to turn it off. So I pray. Do you have a beloved member that is stuck in this pattern too? It is up to us that are in touch with our Guides, Guardian Angels and all of Gods messengers to carry the light for your loved ones without trying to change them either. They must realize themselves, but carrying light for them will help to pave the way. In Love and Light,
Letitia of Lemuria

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