Letitia of Lemuria August Sale Prices and More

By Popular Demand: Buy 2 Readings, get 1 free is back. Series of three readings spaced over a period of 6 weeks in which your guides work with you on situations that you have asked them for help in your Spiritual Growth. Very Enlightening and Deeply Moving One on One Phone Workshops through Letitia  $211.00
And By Popular Demand: Written Readings at Discounted prices of $42.11 for all variations.
Email me at ShaHaley11@yahoo.com to request more info and to EMail you Invoice via Paypal
Current Sale prices above running from 8/01/13 through 8/15/13
I am a psychic healer/channel/intuit and would love to work with you to open up the higher self that is always with you and to help you reveal some of the answers you have been looking for.  In getting answers to your questions, I hear my guides voices, see images and I also have been taught to work with colour’s and breath work for your inner healing and continued growth.  I believe that we can all heal ourselves and by just remembering and opening up to the greater gifts that are truly our God given talents, one can be healed.  This is our Divine right as Jesus taught humanity, and still is working on to help us as to this day.  I really believe that we are on a great path to Ascension for our time and have truly entered the beginning of our Golden Age that was promised to us long ago. I know that if we but help one another to our talents and gifts, that the world will become a much better place.  I thank you for the opportunity to work with you and very much look forward to speaking to you.  In Love and Light, LetitiaImage

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