The Supply of abundance and Last of Sale

Change your life by picturing the best for yourself and for others around you. Stop all mind drama and picturing yourself as weak or misunderstood. Dwell on Love and Joy and Beauty and you will soon start attracting it. Praise and Bless every sign of improvement in your life. That includes health, children, jobs, and financial affairs. Realize that you cannot force your good! BUT you can invite it. We invite the good by dwelling on the Good! When we change what we think, we change what we attract. Although we cannot force good into our life, we can INVITE it by dwelling on it. When we do this, our good appears sometimes in the most amazing of ways. Make today the day that you start to invite blessings into your life.
ImageHeads up everyone: Today and tomorrow are the last days of the July sale of 1/2 price for Written Readings and for 1 hour phone readings with Letitia. I will be setting up a new sale for August and have been delighted to help all of you that took advantage of the July Sale. Just EMail me directly and we will work times out. More information on my web site

It has been an Exciting July for us all. We are walking in historical times and be patient with yourselves right now, due to all of the energies that are here in our uplifted frequencies and dimension’s into the Christ Consciousness. In Love and Light. Letitia of Lemuria


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