When The Tides Start To Turn

Have you ever stood back and counted your blessings? Life truly is full of blessings when you think of your cup as fully filled. Your life is full of decisions on how to view it in the light, or in confusion. Many years ago, I was so ruled by Ego and Rejection was a very big lesson that it seemed I was to learn over and over again. But I always fell back on the Christ light of love within myself. I have always been different and as a younger person, that wasn’t the thing. To be popular you had to be the IN thing and be Very Normal. Normal has never worked for me. So, as I have grown older, I have learned to honour my communication with God, Jesus, other Ascended Masters and the fact that I am different. I know that I am different and I am proud that my parents raised me to be an individual because I have always fallen back on that.
Now things are beginning to rock and roll in my world and I love it. I am helping others, as has always been my desire and in so doing, I am learning more and more about Spirit and Ascension in our world today. As soon as I released the feelings of having to control my life and feeling adrift during times of walking into the unknown, Blessings started flowing into my life for my family. I have met wonderful and loving people that want to work with me and I will not even begin to tell you the miracles of some of these connections and the purpose that they have added to my life. Each day is holding new delights and I have such peace within my heart that I can help others. My gift is a joy to me and to be surrounded by supportive and loving family and friends is so joyous too.
Manifesting is becoming effortless in many ways, because I trust the Christ presence within me for my supply. My trust in all the light beings that I work with grows deeper everyday and this is because I walk in my truth. Do not ever let another press their thoughts and words into your being when they don’t fit you. The grandest way to honour the Christ Spirit within you is to walk tall and be the words that you speak. As you stand behind your words and walk your truth, your life will begin to flow and you will begin to recognise the good in everything and everyone around you. Do not let go of your ego or try to suppress it. Instead know that it is a natural feature of mankind and it is to be incorporated lovingly into the wholeness of you. As you learn to do this, many things will start to turn for the good in your life and also in the lives of others surrounding you. You see, we are not the only ones that benefit when you learn to connect with the Light of Christ within and when you learn to communicate with Spirit. The decisions we make, the words we speak, the thoughts we live by effect those around you. I choose to live in peace and I see peace surrounding me and mine. At first trying to walk the truth of your light may be filled with some doubts and you will struggle too, but keep the faith that you are making a difference and that the Abundance of the universe loves to spread its blessings upon those that believe. Ask Spirit to speak boldly to you in ways you will understand and trust. As you build your relationship with your Guides, Guardian Angels, The Christ within and all there is, you will begin to see the tides turning in all areas of your life.
It all starts with the desire to know that good that you instinctively understand is our divine right as children of the most high. It all revolves around having Faith, even if it is as small as a mustard seed. Bless that mustard seed and it will grow in miraculous ways for you. My greatest desire when I do a reading for another is to be an open vessel for truth to flow through. My highest prayer for another is that I will be able to hear the truth for them, as it is communicated to me and then to help guide them to their own understanding of that truth. Recently, I was asked why I didn’t join in conversations that seem to be only a tug of war between people’s beliefs. I responded that it isn’t my will to force my outlook on another. I am cautious about the words I put into the atmosphere around me, because I know the effect and power that they have to go out and bring the results of those words back to me. This is what Jesus and other Masters have tried to impress for many millennia. Your words create your world. I choose to create prosperity and light. What do you choose?
As you begin to create your world consciously, you will begin to see only the best and the highest for all. Enjoy that journey. Dance in the Light of your world. And begin to see the miracles of manifestation all around you. In Love and Light, www.Letitia-of-Lemuria.com

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