Change of Frequencies and Sale continued

Lately we are so close to so many changes in the air that I can smell them. Can’t you? Things are really shifting and with each new frequency that Mother Earth climbs, it seems we all have to adjust. Have any of you felt like you really weren’t in your bodies of late? I have really had to ground myself with the shift’s of light that are going on and stay steady to help others with accurate readings. It is almost as if I have had a cloud surrounding me, not a bad one, more like a pillow of cotton, so to say. Adama has been really close to me lately too. He is getting messages through to me in many ways, through talking to me, and through 3 other channels that are friends. Sometimes he gets messages through 4-5 times in a day. The funny thing is that it is just a normal thing to me now, where as a year ago, I was just astounded to be receiving all the messages and light that he and others are showering through to me; Today, I just try not to take their communication for granted. I am dedicated to contributing to the Ascension of Mother Earth and her people. I am dedicated to being an Ambassador, as Adama has told me I will be. I am so honored to feel the Christ Presence surrounding me in all I do. That main vibration is what all of us sing to. It is the foundation of Love. It is the cellular structure of Mother Earth and this Galaxy.
With the above said, I am running my sale that is listed on the front page of my web site, through July. There are a few phone reading times to get in, if you wish me to reserve them. The response has been remarkable and I am in my element doing what I do! for 1/2 priced sale prices.
In Love and Light,
Letitia of Lemuria



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