Are you looking for a psychic who can contact that inner source of you and that place of divine guidance that you cannot reach yourself?
Are you trying to make sense of your life and what your future may bring? Are you wanting to contact your guides and need answers you have been seeking forever?
Are you feeling stuck and looking for new direction in your life?
I can help you. I will also give you tools to continue to use to help your healing after our session. I have been helping people with my abilities for years and have many testimonials on this site for you to read in regards to my accuracy and the wealth of knowledge that I can give you.

For a limited time offer: 1 hour Reading with Letitia of Lemuria, Via Phone in States and Canada. $45.00 …. Less than 1/2 off while supplies last
If written reading needed…Special offer of $30.00 per reading …. Less than 1/2 off also, while supplies last

Email me at to request more info Testimonial

Image(Letitia is a truly gifted, reincarnated Lemurian High Priestess with a wealth of gifts and wisdom at her disposal. She is truly a daughter of the Light and it is my honour and privilege to work with such a gifted intuitive master as a Light Team member. I highly recommend Letitia for any and all psychic/ intuitive/ energy healing/ guidance /team member / metaphysical teaching and past life therapy. One of the best, most accurate,most Loving exchanges I have ever had. I highly recommend gifting yourself with this enriching and enlightening experience.) Tracey Milne


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