A Portal to Inner Earth

Are you ready to take the trip of a lifetime? Picture the beautiful red desert of the South West of the United States. Now picture yourself going on an adventure though the natural desert beauty and into one of the various Slot Canyons. There is a beautiful river running through the Canyon and the water is clearer than a looking glass. Stop for a moment to breath in the beautiful clean air. Listen to the River as it babbles down its merry path. Hear the Birds chirping and going about their day, as are the busy bees. Can you smell the joy of nature all around you? Now lets walk up the river and deeper into the Canyon. Up ahead you see a large still pool of water on both sides of the pool are beautiful red rocks placed strategically for you to rest on and just be. It isn’t a hot day, for the desert, it seems to be balmy day in the high 70’s. You let out a sigh of peace. You are content. You close your eyes and let the worries of the real world slide off your shoulders.
You hear a soft voice telling you not to be afraid when you open your eyes. Oh my, you think, the time has arrived. I have fulfilled all I need to on the surface and so have my brothers and sisters of light. You actually know who is before you, as you open your eyes. You are not afraid because this Beautiful, Tall, Iridescent being standing on the water before you is your inner earth guide. This guide is of different origins within Mother Earth for everyone. Yours is from __________. As soon as you see this person, you feel like you have come home. Finally, after all these millennia,  you have arrived at the Golden time promised. Your guide reaches out and takes your hand and immediately the wall of the canyon opens to reveal a portal to Middle Earth. As you walk into this tunnel, it is magic in your heart. Mother Earth has wrapped her loving arms around you and you are also safely with the Being who promised to be there for you in this transition, oh so long ago.
You emerge from the tunnel to see many, many other Surface people walking around with their inner earth loved ones too. And then the memories come. You remember living here before. You can feel the grass under your feet and smell the flowers that surround you everywhere. Oh the peace, and the colors are so vivid and the air is so clean. As your guide takes you to the village or wherever your destination is, you are amazed at the crystalline houses and the peace. You hear the children playing and you see the people circulating and walking in joy with one another. It is such a special moment, that you can hardly take it all in. You are wondering why you haven’t been afraid this whole time and then you remember. You remember the last life that you lived here and chose to walk into the 3D experiment. That was when the light was taken from you and you forgot the true meanings of life with your journey on the surface. But now the time of joining and enlightenment is here. You give a large sigh of relief. It is almost not real, and yet though it seems a fairytale to you in one way, the realness is melding with your new Crystalline cellular being and you feel oh so worthy of this. You are worthy and nothing will now hole you back in making your transition into who you really are, and yet, you will be more! Oh the wisdom you will be able to share with the one’s that didn’t take your journey. They were within Mother Earth, these millennia of years to be your balance. As above, so below. There is always a perfect balance in the Universe. You have come home to stay.

Do you remember? Are you ready? The joy is yours, just reach out and ask. The door will open and the truest meanings of Love will be yours forever more. Welcome, brothers and sisters, to your future. In Love and Light, Letitia of LemuriaImage


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