You Must Love Yourself As You Are

Greetings Dearest Ones,
I, Lord Ganesha, come to you today to speak of Love. Yes, this simple, yet sometimes elusive word that is so important to the continuing of the world, the Universe and much, much more. It is the Universal language that any species, or beings on this and all other living spaces in the Great Beyond, can identify with and understand. 
The main message that I usually give, usually revolves around removing obstacles in your path to your abundance. But the joy of living in abundance has its source in Love. Does it not? Love is not as elusive as you on Earth make it at times. Love isn’t binding and the biggest form of love you can give another is to let them go to walk their individual paths of truth. The biggest message of self Love is this.

“You must Love yourself as you are, Before you transition into what will be.” 
There are going to be revolutionary changes coming to your Earth very, very soon, Dear Ones. Have you noticed the massive amounts of channelled messages for you from us that have Ascended? And from so many reliable sources.  The theme of the messages from the many sources relate to the same thing. You are at a phenomenal moment of change for your world. Now is the time to make the shift of your frequencies to handle the monumental changes that are coming to you as your divine inheritance. The biggest hurdles that you are going to be facing real soon will be Disclosure. Many people will be having trouble understanding the gifts that it holds and that these gifts are much deserved by all.
#1. Staying in the positive and with no fear what-so-ever when Disclosure is finally in effect and your Galactic Brothers and Sisters show themselves, is going to be the great step to show others surrounding you.  The fear will probably effect the elderly and very religious the most. Be there for them. Do not shove what you have to tell them down their throats, just be there. They will ask you what you know and in their own ways to process this big event. Just be there for them. This is Love.
#2. The Prosperity that is going to be bestowed upon every man, woman, and child on the surface is going to seem surreal too. Handle this with love and accept the time in life that there will be no more struggles to make ends meat. Remove now the struggle of, “Am I worthy?” from your minds and hearts. Go within and hear us reassuring you that it is yours by divine right. St. Germain and many others of us have been working silently to stock pile the wealth that is divinely yours, for many, many generations. Yes, Though my role hasn’t been focused on, I have been working with St. Germain too.
Very soon you will all begin to understand the meaning of just Being and all the secrets of the universe will be at your fingertips to learn with the new communication tools that will be introduced by your beloved brethren of within Gaia and the Galactic Federation.  The true meanings of life and the many, many things that you forgot from millennia ago will soon become your realities. Give yourselves time to absorb these beautiful gifts and learn to understand that you and yours are so deserving of them.
This is going to be your big hurdle: This is the heart of this message: These next simple words are full of so much meaning to you and those in your world. Once you absorb them, you will soon begin to flow into a higher frequency and process the vibrations of light that are there for your loving and continuing growth into the higher dimensions of Grace that Spirit has open for you. 
“You must Love yourself as you are, Before you transition into what will be.”

Absorb these words on a cellular level, Dear Ones, because they are going to be the words to open the future for you all.

I, Lord Ganesha, Love you deeply and you need but call upon me and I am there. 
Shalom Beloved Ones

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