The Ride of a Lifetime

The pathway to the divine is a path that you have already made for yourself. The trick to understanding the path and remembering where your footsteps should go along the way, is the game called life. This life on Mother Earth that we have created for ourselves, long ago, (and yet Adama reminds me that it was just yesterday.) Was the journey of a lifetime in our Universe. We had so much then, before the fall. Our homes and lives were effortless and our lesson’s were at such high levels that we attained them with ease. The frequency of life that we walked in was so harmonious and pristine, and the dimensions that we travelled in are still unexplainable to the everyday man to this day.


When we stepped into the Grand Experiment of Life on the Surface for the past 13 millennia, I really don’t think that we understood the capacity of loss that we all seemed to have pierce our hearts, like an arrow. Yes, It hurt. But I will say, as I look at the lives that I have lived, I learned more about Love than I ever imagined. Oh the Souls in my group that I have travelled and learned with. Thank you for walking these long years together and the roles that you have played to add to my soul growth. I honour you all in the roles you played and I admire you all too. What have been my lessons, may have been misunderstood by some, and I may have misunderstood others, but the biggest thing that I see is Love.

Mankind, throughout the many Millennia, has always, always prevailed ever towards the light and love of the innermost high. The Dark has been!recent-thoughts/clgtImage


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