The Cosmic Flow of Abundance

What is your relationship with the God of your Being? That Source within that is older and wiser than time itself. Do you strive to touch bases with that core of you everyday? Can you connect with that Source at a moments notice, when you need that calm and reassuring love that is constantly there for you? It does take practice, but with time and belief in yourself and the messages you receive, you can change the world. You see, what you do and begin to know, spreads to all people that touch your lives and ripples out from there. We must walk into this Golden Age with focus on the truth of what Spirit has been trying to remind us of in so many ways for so long. We have come to a time that Anyone can speak to the Ascended Masters, their Guides and the Archangels and God himself. There is no special club, religion, or click that you must enter to become special. You must understand that you already are what you need to be, you have all the tools you need to manifest the true richness of life as it is meant to be lived. Your perfection is all that God sees. Can you not but do the same for your neighbours, family and friends? See the Beauty of God within them and all that they do.

So many things could be negated in people’s lives if they could just let go and forgive, or let go and trust. Begin to look at your Brother’s and Sister’s in this life all around you. See that they walk the same and eat the same, therefore, wouldn’t the one quest of their hearts really come down to the same trek? The need of Love. Love is such a special gift and once you tap into the divine flow of it around you, you will begin to see your family and friends lives around you changing for the better too. We are all one. Never think that anything that you do, think, feel or believe doesn’t affect the people around you. We are all one.

There is a Cosmic River in the Ethers. It is the Flow of Love, Life, Abundance, Good Will, Peace, Joy and Harmony. It is easy to tap into, if you only believe. Belief starts right at home. The number one source of belief is within you. Learn to walk with!the-cosmic-river-of-abundance/cxr2Image


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