Have You Ever

Have you taken time to notice the interesting phenomenons that are slowly being revealed to us via the media? From interesting skeleton’s of beings with our own DNA that stand 27 feet tall, to new civilizations never known about before in our current time line. The time has come for the Sacred meanings of the Pyramids to be made known to all. Have you noticed that more and more are being revealed and their locations are in totally unexpected locations on Mother Earth? We have come to a much needed and tried for time in life. The time of cleansing that we are walking into is going to become more fascinating to observe as we start to see the crumbling of our very foundations of our countries structures and beliefs come apart. The beauty of this happening is to let us know that we are ever closer to the answers we have sought from the Divine. Instead of focusing on the world falling apart, we need to strive to focus on the bits of good news that seek to be made known through the bad in our news today. Do Not Focus on the gloom and doom that you hear everywhere in your lives. Acknowledge it, pray for the people involved and then learn the art of letting go. Of yourself, you have done what you could. Now focus once again on the good. Those persons and situations will feel the vibes of your prayers and it will matter to them. But if you continue to focus on all of the negative news and let it pull you into dread and depression, they you will forget the Light is what needs to be focused upon to bring more light. Your thoughts and your words create your world. So, watch your thoughts, watch your words, censor what you put out into the world and make sure that you focus on the good. The Dark is scratching and crying out for your attention because it knows it is loosing ground. Let your life become an example to others and focus on the joy of life, the joy of expression, the joy of manifesting abundance, the joy of just being in love with life, and finally the joy in the perfect relationship with the Father that is in the Source of everyone of us. Are you ready for the new adventures that we are about to step into? Can your imagination wrap itself around the fact that we will no longer need to struggle to stay afloat and that we will all be equal and the abundance of life will surround all of us in so much beauty. Are you ready to shed your doubts and fears? I most certainly am! www.Letitia-of-Lemuria.comImage


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