It is I, Adama, High Priest of Telos and I come to talk to you about an exciting time in the fact that we all will soon be reunited with you on the surface. You are right around the corner of many life changing events. If you go online you will read anything from Mermaids, to six inch people and to the sightings many times over of Galactic Ships in the sky, and in daylight too. Are you ready, Dear Ones for us to come out of hiding and be a part of an stack of miracles that will change history for you? There are those of you, like our channel here, have been waiting for this event for years. Though, as this channel has shared with me in honesty, when we first spoke 13 years ago, she really thought it was all science fiction. Now the reality is everyday to her that the time has come and she is chomping at the bit, wanting to shout the joy of it from the roof tops. The time has come for you all to open up your minds and hearts for bigger, happier and lovelier way of living. You must set aside thinking only of yourselves and to join in union with the light in others to guide your families, your friends and others who touch your lives, towards that wonderful path of of the foretold glory that these huge changes for mankind mankind have come about. This is a time of learning to blend and to opening up your minds and hearts to the possibilities of life becoming oh so much better for all of you.

It is good to know what is going on in your world today and the scandals being brought to life every day now. Yes, Dear Ones, the Cabal is falling. You must also not get yourself bogged down with the heaviness of it all. This is what the cabal would relish in, you all becoming depressed as these wrongs are being brought to light. It is the way that they operate, but you all have so much light that is shining with hope and they have no power any more. Soon we will be coming to the surface to be with you and remind you of all that is and all that will be. Your days of pain and sorrow are soon to be over, Dear Ones.

When you pray for others, you are doubly blessed. When we want everyone to have the best…we become it, When we lose our interest in others’ character flaws, we become flawless. The time has come for us to set aside thinking only of ourselves and to join in union with the light in others to guide our children towards that wonderful path of Ascension. We need to learn the gift of being individuals, but also being in union with one another. We need to show our children that their church and source of God is within them, and that Religion is of man, but Spirit is of God. We need to set an example of Living our spiritual guidance every day of our lives. The time is coming to those of us on the Surface of Mother Earth to take all that they have learned and weed out the things that just don’t work any more.
Before long, the people of Telos and other cities of the Agarthan Network will be coming to the surface to help us. Do you want to Ascend? I know I do and I know that my family is coming with me. I have a treasured relationship with Adama, High Priest of Telos. I knew him in Lemuria and I knew him for my one carnation in Telos. His loving presence has always been there to guide me and to open my  heart and mind to being aware of the changes around me and not to be afraid of them. You see, we have been taught to be afraid of change. Do not be afraid of it! Embrace it and the Universe will bless you in untold ways.

In Love and Light Always, Letitia of Lemuria


Psychic and Channel



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