Zohar of Shamballa

I am Zohar of Shamballa and I wish to channel through this Being, Letitia of Lemuria, at this time.
You on the surface of Gaia have struggled for many millennia and the comprehension that things are really going to change is just beyond your imagination in so many ways and on so many levels. This time, in the next 5 years, is going to open doors that you may go through to learn what our creator really wanted for you on the surface. The rule of the Dark Cabal is now past and hold onto your seats, dear ones, because the light is going to shine so brilliantly for all of you, very soon. This being of light that is channelling for me now is well known in our world. She is trying to comprehend this and wrap her mind around it too, for it was just this morning that she found out she was an Amassador and has been in this position many, many times. She has travelled in many star systems and her knowledge hasn’t even begun to be tapped or remembered in this carnation as yet. As she would say, “All in perfect timing”. And the Time is now for you, dear humans, to wake up and be in the Know of us. We will soon be making our appearance on the surface. We choose to serve and we do not want you all to be alarmed when we come out, so this is a job for Letitia and others that she is in contact with, to help you all to see our Love and know us. For we are you. Yes, we may be taller and have lived in a dimension that is higher than you may think you are, but our DNA is the same as yours. You just need to activate your DNA and raise your frequencies again to the level that you can really see and know us once more. The time has come and the time is now.
Open up your hearts and minds to accept that you are one with us, though it doesn’t seem so at this moment. We send you so much love and light every day from here in Shamballa. As with Telosians, we all have been here to support you from the beginning. Humans have a deep fear that has been instilled in them from the beginning, about anything that they don’t understand, therefore many of us inside Gaia are going to be working with more and more channels to help you all to integrate better. Soon, you too will hear us and no longer with the population have to rely on a few sources for channelled messages. http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!zohar-of-shamballa/c1s2rImage


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