Energy, Light and Vibrational Healing

Adama and Lord Ganesh are working with me on expanding my healing gifts. Adama and the Dolphin clan, yesterday worked with me to Wake up. (Yes Erin, thanks to your vision and what you heard.) After we got off the phone, I spoke to Adama in depth about it and then today I meditated with him and Lord Ganesh. They are wanting me to expand on my gifts and that is why a few of you have noticed less posts, because it is really important to me to make sure that I have everything down to a T before vocalizing it. The two of them and Jesus have been doing these healings with me for the past several months, but now the expansion of that is what they want to have me focus on.

Vibrational, Light and Energy Healings:
What we will first do together is to pin point the source of the problem in your body. And your guides will work hand in hand with mine in perfect communication to pinpoint the origins of this physical ailment.
I work with Adama mostly, but Lord Ganesh and Jesus have stepped in too and are actually becoming more and more hands on in these healings with me. They all add their own wonderfully and spiritually enlightened flavor to each healing that I am the Vessel for. They do not take over my body, but as my relationship is so solid with them all, they direct me to tell you where they are laying their hands on your body. Usually, after they have discussed with us the source or combined sources of your problems, they will start with the left hand, placing it over the main source of physical problem. The Left hand will receive the residue that is still in you and then they shake it off and move their right hand over the spot and pour a healing light and energy into the area.  There is a different light and different frequency for everyone that I work with. As they work with you, I describe each step as they go along. They will also give you prayers to focus on in the written part of the healing too.  Do not be alarmed if the healing also is included on other parts of your physical body, because they relate to one another. Remember, in spirit, there is always perfect balance. We then continue to go on to your Etheric field and work too with cleaning energy and adding the right light for your continued healing.

I use my crystals along with them holding their own Lemurian Crystals and we all focus much of the light from our combined crystals to meet in the place that needs to be healed too.

Now, the other part of the healing is a written dictation through me to you in regards to the continuation of your healing and the path that you are being guided upon for your greater enlightenment. Also the written healing will have encoded light for you to take in while reading it that is also for the focus of your continued healing and growing faith in the health that you wish to express. ​
It is always an honor for me to work with All of the Ascended Masters above for your healing and the revelations that come from this teamwork in your healing, are always very profound for you as a client too. ​​
Please write me directly at for further questions. ​
In Love and Light, ​
Letitia of Lemuria​Image


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