Doing is secondary to Being

Today I’ve been considering these words in this sentence, very carefully. “Doing is Secondary to Being.” And those words are oh so true, aren’t they. We in the world today, rush around to accomplish herculean tasks and not only one at a time, but handfuls. Do you know how to just sit and watch the Butterfly in your garden? Or your children play? Do you even know how to Make the Time to be still? But if we do not take the time to just go apart and see the beauty of the world, then how do you think we can gain true wisdom? We must go aside and center all our thoughts on God and your own personal relationship with the Creator and Upholder of the Universe. Meditation is when we listen and receive inspiration and prayer is when we talk to God. Every right thought that we think, our every unselfish word or action, is bound by immutable laws to be unfolded into good results. The more you see your prayers unfolding, and you faith and trust growing in the Creator, the more joyous your life will unfold to be. You must seek to be Peaceful, to be Love, and to be Wisdom in your every moment of every hour. You cannot gain in life if you do not have a true and loving relationship with the God of your being.
Many years ago, I was caught up in the go, go, hurry, hurry world and I felt like a piece of glass that was just going to shatter at any moment. I would arrive early to work to do my job and accomplish tasks that I look back on today and just shake my head in wonder because I was loosing sight of my family and the Spiritual life I had always dreamed on having.
I was lost and didn’t know how to break the cycle of trying to get herculean tasks done. My health was failing and I’m sure that I wasn’t the most relaxed person to live with.
Then, one day, I no longer had a job. It was beyond me to comprehend how it happened for several days, but I am so fortunate to have the beautiful husband that supported me the whole way. It was about a week later, that I began to realize that in my pursuit of trying to be the best employee that I could manage to be, that I had lost sight of the God of my being. I had lost sight of the statements truth:”Doing is secondary to being.” And then I realized that I had finally come out of the wilderness and was on my way to the land of milk and honey. And God had answered my prayers, in a way that would benefit my family.
Finding your Creator is an intensely personal journey. And I pray that everyone finds that fence that they must overcome, in their journey and that they find the beautiful relationship with God that was meant to be for every man, woman and child on earth. I pray that the joy of life and laughter, fills your home with the magic of the Universe and that all people will fulfil their dreams. I believe that these next handful of years will be filled with so many ancient secrets being revealed, that mankind is going to do a 180 and begin to learn and live life to its fullest, as the Creator meant for us in the very beginning. I remember the time of Love, Trust, Joy and Happiness of Lemuria before the fall. And I know in my heart that if we all but try to help our brothers and sisters of light, we can succeed even higher feats than we ever have before. I Believe. In Love and Light, Letitia of LemuriaImage


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