Your Imagination

Did you ever realize how important your imagination plays into the life you live? Whether we like it or not, our imagination is created from our thoughts and how we view the world. To change what your imagination focus’s upon, you must change your thoughts, words and actions. Imagination is an important spiritual asset to you and how you change your world.

For  example, you know how it is in your mind, after you have had a disagreement with another? It just seems to consume you and you replay it over and over again. Right? Stand back and think about exactly how you are replaying that incident? With your imagination! Now, try to re-picture that incident with another in a different light. See the outcome as much better and both of you leave the situation in a happy frame of mind. Does your mind obsessively keep replaying that scene? Probably not because the way we have programmed ourselves in today’s society, we are taught to focus on the negative wherever we look. It’s in the news, in the movies, on TV, at our jobs and so on.

Why do you think it is so hard to reprogram our minds? Because it takes tenacity and much practice. Your mind can see a situation in one way and someone else’s mind can totally remember the same situation differently. That is based on our personal perceptions and the way we view life individually. Remember the old saying, “Is your glass half full? Or is it half empty?” Have you ever tried to stand back and see how you really and truly look at life around you? All that exists, was formed into being from an idea in the mind of God himself. The way I was raised, we are made in his image and his likeness and he said, “These works and greater shall ye do.” Have you ever just sat back and meditated on that statement? Or have you taken the meaning that someone else may have told you? Maybe they were fed their meaning by another and are just parroting what they were told. You see, we are God’s, Son’s and Daughters of the most high. We create our world through our imagination.

Imagination is a joyous and wonderful gift that God gave us. We need to be diligent in how we direct our thoughts and we also need to control our fears. Turn them over to the Creator and let him worry about them. Our imagination is our gift from the Creator that transports, transcends, and elevates you to higher levels. So, what is your will for your imagination? Do you wish to create a harmonious and happy world? Or are you still going to take another person’s view and follow right along behind? I guarantee that if you start standing up to yourself and the way your mind keeps focusing on negative and unhappy thoughts, and you turn them around to happy and joyous ones, you will not only begin to change your life, but those of the people surrounding you cannot help to benefit too. If you cannot change yourself positively for yourself, then do it for the Creator.

We all have infinite potential and the many possibilities for joy to fill our lives are all around us. We just need to dare to Dream. Dare to focus our Imagination in a positive light. Prayer and Meditation will help you to focus and go within to hear what God has to tell you. The realm of God’s possibilities are infinite and can be found all around you. Reevaluate your life. This doesn’t mean to go quit your job and walk out of your home. It means you can intelligently make the required changes within you through your imagination and it is a spiritual law that the Creator must follow your direction. Begin to focus your imagination on joyful thoughts, peaceful thoughts and spiritually stimulating thoughts.!your-imagination/chbiImagec


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