The Gifts of your Divinity


One of the greatest lesson’s that we can learn for ourselves and humanity is to believe in the gifts of your divinity! We are children of the most high and it is his joy to bless us abundantly. It is our biggest challenge to accept and feel worthy of the beautiful gifts that are just waiting for us to recognize them.  Let your Light shine! Just as you  see the stars shine brightly every night, begin to develop self-luminosity, and let that light become a beacon for others to follow.
Begin to look at the abundance all around you. For instance, the blades of grass in the front yard, the many grains of sand on the beach and the leaves in the trees. And begin to Know, deep within your very being that we as humanity stepped back in our thinking many millennia ago, but we never really and truly lost the gifts we had. We just forgot. Take moments of silence and ask yourself to remember the gifts that you had. Remember the lives of abundance and joy that you lived, for instance in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis and even before. Yes, we have been here for many, many millennia. You have the same soul within you now, so what is the difference? The time has come to remember and walk forth into a new and exciting future.
Remember within the deepest parts of your mind, body and soul, what is the way that you can contribute to the world to help your brothers and sisters and then go forth with conviction and love to fulfil the divine gifts that God gave you. Be a leader and show the way back to the Love and Oneness that Adama, High Priest of Telos tells us about, That Archangel Michael and Jesus tell us about.   Know that you are a part of making this world a better place and we need to work together to make our world shine so bright that the planets all around us will see Gaia’s glow. . No one person is valued any more or less than the other. And this includes all BEings here upon and within Mother Earth. So live your life in joy of the moment that you have and share your light with all those surrounding you. Watch how your gifts help others and the ripple effect that they have on the world around you. Teach your children Love and show them the way to believe in themselves and the path to have for an abundance of joy in their lives. May you see the miracles that come from just one small spark of joy, love and light. Go within and learn to trust the answers you receive. Ask the Ascended Masters to help you. Gain a relationship with them and let them lead you on a magical path to remembering and to unlocking the gifts you have. You see, those gifts were never lost, we just stepped into a land of forgetting and hardship. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria 

I am a Psychic, Light Healer and a Channeller of the Ascended Masters, Adama, High Priest of Telos and Lord Ganesh. Come visit me at


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