Physician, Heal Thyself

Life is so funny and so many things are being sensationalized today because of TV, Computers and the like. Plus many people are so much into drama, that they can’t step back, take a few breaths and just enjoy a few moments of quiet. Many people are programmed so much, by what others think, that they have lost sight of what is good for them individually. Many people are afraid to climb the mountain path that leads to the heights and the joys that the Creator made for us to find; and afraid to loose sight of their own small habitat for fear of loosing a part of themselves. Learn to look upon those things that are enduring and eternal, and be free from personal bondage by what other people think would be good for you. Gossip is an enemy to happiness. When we understand that the human is so close to the divine in each of us that sometimes just a little encouragement will help another individual to find the real in himself, we shall try to make our heart the abode of love and shall look with the spirit of love upon every man. When our heart is filled with love we will not criticize!prayer-and-your-relationship-w-spirit-/c4ssImage


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