To learn to stand in Harmony in your world and with yourself, you need to dig deep within you, and know that you are one with the Divine. To learn the true meaning of harmony, you need to understand the power that Spirit has in your life. We often think that we have reached that wonderful point of being Harmonious and then something will go wrong and puufff…There that wonderful feeling goes out the door. What we need to keep reminding ourselves about is that being in Harmony is just like a muscle. It needs to be used and put to work for you over and over to make it strong. Being A Psychic, a Light Healer and a Channeller of Beings, I have to ground and center myself and stay in harmony, so that I can help others that come to me to find their own answers. We are coming into a time that many initiatives will be needed to teach others and help harmony set in their souls. We all have Psychic abilities. I am no more special than you. I have just placed hours and hours into learning my talent and to listening to what I personally need to know and also the answer’s to clients needs. Make it an important goal every morning when you wake, to participate in creating a more harmonious world through your interactions with all people, places, animals and things you have contact with that day. Speak words of Joy and Harmony and recognize it in all things that you have interaction with. Trust that the Creator has your needs and others needs in mind and surrender the path you take to him. He will never lead you wrong. Peace is harmony in action. Be thankful for your world of harmony and peace. Set an example for those around you and then quietly watch how contagious this movement of Harmony is as it grows around you.

We are taught that we are separate beings from the moment we are born. This can really alienate people towards one another over time. But, if we as a people, would just try to put Harmony and Peace out into the atmosphere around us, we could achieve world peace so fast. It may be a pipe dream for me, but I would love to be contagious in a positive light, rather than a negative one. So many people ask me how they attain peace and harmony. It is not something one can give another, though being around a being like this is extremely helpful; One needs to dedicate oneself to the actions within and around them to become Harmonious. People need to be taught to relax and let go. We are also taught to stay in control at all times, of our world. Can we not stand back, as a society and see how being control freaks has gotten us? Yes, I can see you all understand.

All things can be made new with dedication and time. Make a promise to yourself that you will start to dedicate 10 minutes a day towards working on being Harmonious. Take notes for yourself and then see how paying Harmony forward will start changing others worlds too. Joyously and calmly step forward and announce your dedication to being Harmonious. I so would be excited to hear how it goes for everyone. I am also a Psychic and have my business surrounded by as much Harmony as I can. You can look up my web site for more information if you need my help. It would be my great honor to help you. In Love and Light to All! Letitia of Lemuria




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