Endorsement of the Ascended Masters




In Light of the Ascended Master’s using me as an Open vessel for Light to Flow freely, I now let them speak.We, The Ascended Masters, are gathered here today for all of the BEings who read this message. Now is a time for Balance of all body systems. Meaning not only Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit, but also of your Etheric bodies, (The 77 higher Levels of BEing.) These go right up to the Source of All.

Do Not believe that you have to meditate 20 hours per day to become deeply spiritual. This may ring true for some of you, but most people do not have the means to go about this. Accept the time you do have to dedicate your life to growing your source to better the Universe as a whole. Spirituality for Humans is the incorporation of all things. Your physicality, your circulation, your daily lives and activities and your spiritual belief system.


​What we are saying is that you do not have to cut your hair and wear “red robes” to become deeply in tuned with us and our vibrations. We are Here with you now. Did you hear that dear ones? We are here. Do not try to hard to see, hear and know us. Because you already do. Have faith in your Source to know us. One of the things this channel had to get over was that she was “Good Enough” to channel and hear us. We want to know that you really understand what we are saying here, dear ones. DO NOT TRY so hard. Just BElieve and we will do the rest. You are already “Enough.” It is only your BElief that needs to expand and grasp the truth of what we say. Trust us and Trust yourself in the messages you receive. It is really very easy, once you get out of the way of yourself. Once you leap that hurdle of understanding you do not need to change anything of yourself, but your BElief in us.

We are so grateful that finally, this channel made the switch in her mind, body and spirit http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!the-ascended-masters-advice/c5gu




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