God is found in the Spirit of the Source within you first then around you

Know that you are beautiful and loved more than you could ever know. You are divine and held in the highest light always. Look for the simplicity of life not to the complications, for there is great peace in simplicity and great support when you seek within. Release the drama, release the struggle release, the chaos and release the muddle. Be at peace within the peace and simplicity of just being. Know that God is Spirit, you can see him in everything around you. Know that he is Love and all Love originates within in him. Know he is all power, because he is the Good itself. There is no limit to our Source for it connects us straight to the unlimited and ever loving spirit of God. He is the fountain of all good be it in life, love, joy, wisdom and he is the giver of all gifts. All you need do is to go within and then trust. In the Trusting you are expressing Love of Self. This is contrary to what society teaches, but if one doesn’t have love of self, then how can they have and demonstrate, Love of Another?
The many hours that I have spent within and speaking to my source are untold, http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!prayer-and-your-relationship-w-spirit-/c4ssImage


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