Prosperity and Where you place your Faith

Isn’t Faith a funny thing? We all have faith in something, be it a faith from God or mistaken faith in another source. Faith doesn’t depend on physical facts, or evidence of the senses, because it is born of intuition, or the Spirit of truth ever living at the center of our being. How does your Faith guide you? Have you ever sat back and contemplated what you really place your faith in? I place my faith in God, our Creator, for he is the substance of all things and all his helpers are of that same light too. We live in an Abundant world, it is just those few groups of people in society today that seem to squander the physical wealth from others. God lavishes his wealth upon us if we ask and believe. There first has to be a demand for that supply, before it can flood forth to fill that demand. To recognize these statements about faith in action is placing your faith in a spiritual law of the Universe. Do you trust our Creator to fill your needs when you have a defined thing that you need to trade money for? Do you write your needs down to clarify them in your mind? You must be definite in your needs. Very important to me the next statement. “Desire for anything is the thing itself in action to be on it’s way to you already.” Do you understand that statement? When you ask (Knock on the door), it touches a secret spring which starts on its way toward us the good we want (And the door will open). Now do you understand why it is important for you to clearly define to yourself and Spirit what you really want and desire in your life? You see, if you get lazy and concentrate in a wishy washy way, you get wishy washy results. Yes? It is the Creators wish to bless us with is infinite supply as we need. This is why it is so important to define, /


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