Stay in the Knowing

It is I, Adama, High Priest of Telos that has come forth to speak with you today. We of Telos and of Inner Earth are very aware of what has happened upon Mother Earth in Oklahoma and We have set up a prayer vigil for those families and rescuers both. I want you all to know that no soul left that wasn’t aware that his/her time had come to journey back home. They aren’t abandoned and they are giving what energy they can to their loved ones that are still in your dimension. These beings that crossed over, are very highly advanced and very aware the time had come for them. Mother Earth is trying to still cleanse herself, yet add as little casualties as possible. You are all noting the small numbers of casualties that have actually been confirmed and it just amazes you. Think of the beautiful miracles that come out of this story everyday. The main story that has touched this channel’s heart is about the dog rescue today.
What we want you to try to do within yourself,!apps-page/c20kwImage


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