Balance and the Awareness of Self

I come to you today through this open vessel of light. I want to talk to you today about the word Balance. This word actually has much more meaning than you on your surface of Earth have allowed it to have. My duty in helping you is to remove Obstacles that have come into your paths, may they be etheric, mental or physical. But you see, you must ask for the help first. Please understand that by helping you with your Obstacles, I am not taking them away from you, I am going to help you to process them mentally and spiritually so that you can see their lesson that they are bringing to you and then either go through it, or realize that you no longer need the experience that was offered for your growth. I am also a path for you to use in your prosperity growth. However, to be truly “Prosperous” one must be ready for the gifts that come with it. Does this make sense to you? Think about it. Prosperity, like the word Abundance means not just monetary, but it is for the fulfilment of the many gifts that the Creator meant us all to have. Yes, I am an Ascended Master, but I had to attain the Knowing of my gifts before I could help you. You see what I am saying here?!lord-ganesh/caunImage


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