Your Source Within

Never doubt that you are a deeply loved and special child of Spirit. There is nothing the human heart so longs for, so cries out after, as to know God, our Creator, that special source in the center of you. There are many ways to reach that center source in the heart of you and many different teachers, but my point is to tell you this. Do Not Limit Yourself to what the teacher teaches! Hundreds of earnest people are seeking, night and day, to get this inner revealing and love the the indwelling Christ. Unlimit yourself and your ways of thinking. Spirit is unlimited, therefore you are unlimited and if you believe, you can achieve that divine grace within and bring it into your everyday lives. Begin to feel as if all your needs are met, for it is your divine right and a gift to all from God to create and share abundance. Learn the best ways for you to dwell in the secret place of the Most High. Listen and do not doubt the message you hear, nor that they may come to you in various ways and when you are least expecting these divine messages. This may be funny, but I love humor, so will share. My most divine messages actually come to me in the shower or bath time. Seriously! It’s like a message in the bottle, only message in the shower! It is a fun joke in my family and I love sharing it with you because it may open up your hearts and minds to listen and not doubt the messages you may receive and when and how they come to you. Know this: That which you so earnestly desire will never be found by your seeking it through the mental side alone, any more than it has been always found on the emotional side alone. The Light of The Source, The Christ Within, That special spot of the Creator that you crave so much, will come out of the deep silence and become manifest to you from within yourself, not someone else. This is what makes you unique and separates you from the masses. So, the first step is to Believe and You Will Achieve. Spirit has opened so many doors to me that I so badly would love to share!prayer-and-your-relationship-w-spirit-/c4ssImage

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